Managing Authority INTERREG 2021-2027

The Managing Authority (MA) INTERREG 2021-2027, based in Thessaloniki – Greece, manages and monitors European Territorial Cooperation (INTERREG) Programmes. The Programmes aim to address common cross-border and transnational challenges, support synergies through joint partnerships and consolidate strong cooperation with a view to enable a balanced, economic, social and spatial development at European level.

The MA is responsible for managing and monitoring five cross-border INTERREG Programmes 2021-2027 as follows:

  • Cooperation Programme INTERREG VI-A “Greece – Bulgaria”
  • Cooperation Programme INTERREG VI-A “Greece – Italy”
  • Cooperation Programme INTERREG VI-A “Greece – Cyprus”
  • Cross-border Cooperation Programme INTERREG IPA “Greece –Albania”
  • Cross-border Cooperation Programme INTERREG IPA “Greece –North Macedonia”

The MA acts as the National Authority of the following INTERREG Programmes 2021-2027, in which Greece participates:

  • Transnational Cooperation Programme INTERREG “Interreg Euro-MED”
  • Transnational Cooperation Programme INTERREG “Interreg IPA ADRION”
  • Cross-border Cooperation Programme “Interreg NEXT Mediterranean Sea Basin” (“NEXT MED”)
  • Cross-border Cooperation Programme “Interreg NEXT Black Sea Basin”
  • Interregional Cooperation Programme “INTERREG Europe”

Territorial Cooperation Programmes also include the collaborative networks URBACT & ESPON