Green Road Trip and “EU in my region”. The project WASTE RREACT of «Interreg IPA CBC Greece-Albania 2014-2020» participates in both campaigns.

On 17th November 2020, DIADYMA SA participated in the “Green Trip Project – Greenpoint Mob: Local Waste Management Unit of Kastoria/Green point infrastructure – Greece Route 2” with subject “Nothing goes to waste”. In this project from “EU in my region”, the employee Evgenia Karapatsiou who is responsible for the reuse centers management, discussed via Instagram live with the influencer Alexandra Diona. It was supposed to be a live meeting, but due to Covid and the lock down, it wasn’t possible for Alexandra to travel there. So Evgenia went in our facilities in Kastoria and did a virtual tour in the reuse center, explaining to Alexandra and the audience of Instagram live, the activities on waste management.

The main topics were:

  • Information about Waste Rreact project
  • Explaining the Integrated System of Waste Management of Western Macedonia
  • How the Local Waste Management Units work
  • Tips about recycling
  • The importance of reuse

Here you can find the link of the Instagram live (50 min). Just follow the link.

There is another video from that day focused on reduce-reuse-recycle subject (2 min). Just follow the link.

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