Further extension of the deadline for applications under the 5th call of the CP INTERREG VA “Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020”

The deadline for applicants to submit their investment plans in the framework of the 5th Call «Grant scheme for supporting SMEs to grow and expand beyond local markets» of the Cooperation Programme INTERREG VA “Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020”, has been further extended until Monday the 15/07/2019, at 15.00 hrs.

Find in the links given below the:

– Decision Amendment of the 5th Call (13.06.2019) – http://www.greece-bulgaria.eu/gallery/Files/Calls%20for%20Proposals/Call%205/DECISION-AMENDMENT_EN_7%CE%9C%CE%A9%CE%A9465%CE%A7%CE%998-%CE%A6%CE%9D2.pdf

– Direct Assistance Guidelines (13.06.2019) – http://www.greece-bulgaria.eu/gallery/Files/Calls%20for%20Proposals/Call%205/Direct-Assistance–Guidelines_final_13_06_2019.pdf

– Modification of the Call document (13.06.2019) –  http://www.greece-bulgaria.eu/gallery/Files/Calls%20for%20Proposals/Call%205/Modification-of-the-call-document_v5.pdf


For more information click here: http://www.greece-bulgaria.eu/call-for-proposals/6_5th-CALL-FOR-PROPOSALS-OF-THE-CP-INTERREG-V-A-

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