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Interreg Slam 2024-2025!

Interact | Interreg Slam 2024-2025 is underway. Join us for its upcoming storytelling trainings

Interreg Slam contest is open to all Interreg Projects and Programmes!

The theme of the Slam campaign is defined as “Stories of Inclusion and Empowerment”, connected to the communication topic of the European values: Human dignity, Freedom, Democracy, Equality, Rule of law and Human rights.

In particular, the stories of projects are meant to highlight providing equal access to education, health and work, addressing the appreciation of diversity through partnerships and building inclusive community relationships.

If you believe that your Interreg project exemplifies the aforementioned values, INTERACT will help you promote its achievements with a professional video and live performance at the Interreg GO! event 2025 key stage, part of the Nova Gorica / Gorizia (Slovenia) European Capital of Culture.  More specifically, INTERACT offers to the participants the opportunity to dive into upcoming virtual sessions tailored to enhance their storytelling skills.

You can find more information on:

  • the Interreg Slam contest and how to support your Application HERE
  • Interact’s upcoming virtual sessions HERE

The deadline for submitting your Application is Monday, 1 July 2024.


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