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July 2014


Dear partners,

The new European Territorial Cooperation Programmes of the Programming Period 2014-2020 that the Managing Authority is responsible for are in their final phase of drafting. In their core is the Europe 2020 Strategy, which is Europe’s blueprint for a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. In the near future all instruments, as well as policy goals, will have been set: now we need to deliver.

It is essential that a more results-oriented regional policy is timely and effectively implemented to substantially increase its impact on growth and jobs creation. In a time of crisis, European support for local development projects is absolutely essential not only for restoring growth and employment but also for preserving social and territorial cohesion.

The ETC Programmes must be implemented in a partnership among national authorities and regions, which are the actors who can close the ‘delivery’ gap. We need to work in partnership, and develop a culture of ‘multi-level’ and ‘multi-actor’ governance in Europe. Therefore, sound mechanisms need to be put in place to enable timely and structural cooperation. We need to think outside the box and generate new alliances between regions and cities. Translating the five Europe 2020 headline objectives, in order to take account of the territorial specificities of our regions, it will require clear governance, monitoring and evaluation structures, fresh funding and a sound communication strategy. Moreover, to achieve efficient delivery on the ground, synergies with mainstream and regional Programmes represent an opportunity that should be seized by every single country and region.

George Emmanuel

Head of the Managing Authority