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January 2014


giannousisDear partners,

The Programme life cycle 2007-2013 is coming to its end and, even though intensive work on the new Programming Period has already started, there is still much work ahead of us if we want to make sure that the utilization of European funds will be as successful as possible during this period as well.

The Managing Authority of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes, which institutionally is an integral part of the Hellenic Ministry for Development and Competitiveness, has proved to be quite successful to that end. Not only has it achieved in the day-to-day management of ETC Programmes but has served the overall European Territorial Cooperation establishment as a whole by safeguarding the major European principles of:

  • Equality among the members of Cooperation;
  • Consensus in the decision making process;
  • European ETC regulatory framework;
  • Regular evaluation of institutional capacity in drafting and implementing the ETC Programmes,
    altogether showing great independence and clear mind in its everyday work.

Therefore, it is in the right position as we are facing the challenges of the new Programming Period. In that sense, the MA already knows its primary strategic priorities and the outlines of the structure of future Programmes, the main objective of which is promoting growth and increasing competitiveness of the eligible areas and regions as a whole. The fact that tangible use of resources in the current Programming Period started with a delay shows that proper and timely preparation cannot be underestimated this time. Following the preliminary conversation with all participating countries the developmental priorities, the fulfillment of which will be the objective of the seven-year period, are starting to being defined. These priorities can together be termed “4I” – infrastructure, institutions, innovation and inclusion. Supporting these areas will help the eligible areas become a good place to live and at the same time an attractive place for investment and business.

In this context an important role is reserved for the geography of the ETC Programmes in the new Programming Period. The Adriatic –Ionian macro-regional strategy has already taken its course, as the relevant consultations are on their way. At the same time, it seems that cooperation and capitalization of previous efforts in South East Europe in the form of a transnational Programme will continue, as the proposal for the establishment of a new South East Europe Programme, in parallel and in synergy with the “Adriatic-Ionian”, the “MED” and the “Danube” transnational Programmes, had the strong political and institutional support of the countries of the region, which presented their case to the European Commission.

Cohesion policy is generally perceived as a great opportunity for future investment. One needs to be aware, however, of the shift from the original compensation nature of the regional policy to one that promotes growth, competitiveness, innovation and the knowledge economy. We expect that this shift will manifest itself in the spectrum of supported Projects, which will demand more effective use of resources and more visible results in the future Programming Period. Implementation of strategic and effective project management, synergies between ETC Programmes with regional and sectoral Operational Programmes and other national strategies, promotion of the TransEuropean networks for Integration and observance of the principal of partnership of all involved authorities in connection with its execution are all important pieces of knowledge that the Managing Authority will apply when coming to the closure of the current Programming Period and preparing the future one.


Georges Yannoussis
General Secretary for Investments (NSRF)

Message by the Head of the Managing Authority. Mr. G. Emmanuel

The Greek MA of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes is the Managing Authority of the new Transnational Programme "Balkan-Mediterranean"

European Cooperation Day 2013

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