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June 2012



The building of a united Europe is a continuous and visionary work in progress. A process that certainly requires a framework and that is not possible without dedicated efforts and activities. European Territorial Cooperation has eased a process that has proved its efficiency in defining new ways of cooperation between people, regions, states and nations of Europe.

The multilateral European Programmes add an important extra European dimension to regional development, developed from analysis at a European level, leading to agreed thematic priorities and coordinated strategies.

This allows meaningful work between regions from several European countries on matters such as communication networks, flood management, international business and research linkages, and the development of more viable and sustainable markets. Themes covered include:

  • Innovation, especially networks of universities, research institutions, SMEs and export enterprises;
  • Environment, especially water resources, rivers, lakes, sea;
  • Accessibility, including telecommunications, and in particular the completion of Trans-European Networks;
  • Sustainable urban development, rural development and especially polycentric development.

In the following articles you will find some clear examples – in the forms of the approved projects- on what multilateral territorial cooperation wants to do and what is already achieving.

George Emmanuel
Head of the Managing Authority of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes