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November 2012



The first ten months of 2012 was a tough but particularly creative period for the Managing Authority of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes, as ETC Programmes are now in an advanced state of implementation. Therefore, the managing Authority is approaching the end of 2012 with the following priority targets:

  • Creation of sustainable partnerships with the National and Regional Authorities, at the Operational Programme level, and among final beneficiaries at project level.
  • The formation and implementation of effective and innovative projects and best practices (in terms of outputs and impacts) in all European Territorial Cooperation Programmes.
  • The achievement of the N+3 Rule in all cross-border Operational Programmes it is managing.


Towards this direction, the Managing Authority took the following steps during 2012:

  • It has activated more than 50% of the budget of the European Territorial Cooperation Programmes it is managing. 
  • It organised meetings for the annual common planning of actions, with the National Authorities of all cross-border Operational Programmes.
  • It organised Monitoring Committee meetings for the Programmes “Greece-Cyprus” and “Greece-Italy” and Project Selection/ Evaluation Committee meetings for the Programmes “Greece-Cyprus” and “Greece-The former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia”. Additionally, it is planning to organise Monitoring Committee meetings for all the other Programmes it is managing by the end of this year.
  • It organised Info Days and seminars for the final beneficiaries in the eligible territories of Greece, as well as in the partner countries for the Calls that it launched within 2012. The evaluations of proposals, under the various Calls published, are being completed according to schedule and a predefined methodology.
  • It organised meetings with all final beneficiaries for the monitoring and acceleration of implementation of projects of all Programmes.
  • It formulated the methodology of the Calls for the Strategic Projects of the cross-border Operational Programmes “Greece-Bulgaria”, “Greece-Cyprus”, “Greece-Italy” and “Greece-Albania” and organised consultation meetings,  to set common priority themes, with Regions, Decentralized Administrations and Ministries and neighbouring countries. The launching of all the Calls for Strategic Projects is scheduled by the end of 2012.
  • It upgraded and redesigned its own website (http://www.interreg.gr) into a more user-friendly version, where the user can find information about all cross-border Operational Programmes. It has activated websites for all cross-border Programmes it is managing (the websites dedicated to the “Greece-Italy” and “Greece-Albania” Programmes are going to be launched within November).
  • It initiated, based on the MA’s programming of activities, the formulation of our corporate identity and this year it launched the MA’s internal rules of procedures, formulation of the organisation’s chart and certification according to ISO.
  • It will complete the procurement procedures for the on-going evaluation and publicity programme of all cross-border Operational Programmes it is managing within 2012.
  • It accelerated and completes within 2012 the staffing procedures of the Joint Technical Secretariats of all Programmes it is managing.
  • It initiated the elaboration of a Strategy of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes for 2014-2020, and by the end of the year, it will form task force teams to consult with all National Authorities of partner countries in order to draft the OPs for the next programming period.  For this purpose, it will prepare a convention of best practice projects to take place in 2013.


George Emmanuel
Head of the Managing Authority of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes

European Cooperation Day

ECDay logo

European Cooperation Day

ECDay logo

The Managing Authority of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes participated in the celebration of European Cooperation Day, which was honoured for the first time this year under the auspices of the European Commission, by organizing a series of events in the framework of all Programmes it is managing.
The campaign highlighted the role of cooperation across borders in the European Union and with its neighbours –a celebration of all the benefits European Territorial Cooperation brings to people across Europe. It was an opportunity to discover all the improvements local cooperation initiatives have brought to various aspects of your daily life; from creating jobs, to improving health care services, transport, energy and environmental protection. European Cooperation Day was celebrated through over 280 local events, brought to you by 72 programmes in almost 40 countries. The “Greece-Bulgaria”, “Greece-Cyprus”, “Greece-Italy”, “Greece-Albania” and “Greece-The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” Programmes, in cooperation with the national authorities of the neighbouring countries and the Representations of the European Commission, were among them. In particular:

  • In the framework of the “Greece-Bulgaria” Programme, there was organised a photography competition around the theme entitled “The Place and its People” and a subsequent photography exhibition in Serres. There were over 80 photos displayed from amateur photographers from Greece and Bulgaria. The opening of the exhibition took place September 21st and a few days later the exhibition moved to Bulgaria. A musical event with musicians form both Greece and Bulgaria was also organized.
1 KOSTAS KITSOS 1st prize: Konstantinos Kitsos from Thessaloniki
2  2nd prize: Anastasios Chios from Thessaloniki
3  EVTIMOV 3rd prize: Rumen Evtimov from Smolyan


  • In the framework of the Greece-The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Programme, a photography contest and exhibition entitled “Waters and Mountain Photography Competition in the Cross-border area” was also organized. More than 40 contestants participated with a total of 160 photos. The judges chose the best 50 photographs on display in an exhibition in Serres (21-28 September 2012) and in Bitola (9-13 October 2012).
FY 1st prize: Teona Mangovska
2 walk on the water 2nd prize: Nikolaos Christodoulides
3 3rd prize: Martin Martinov


  • In the framework of the “Greece-Albania” Programme, a swimming marathon from Xamil in Albania to Agios Stefanos Sinion in Corfu was organized. More than 35 swimmers from the two countries participated and the whole events was broadly publicised in the Programme’s eligible area, as it was the first time a marathon like that was organized. It should be noted that, in close cooperation and supervision of the local, port and police authorities of Greece and Albania, more than 80 people moved safely from country to country without any border, passport or custom controls, something that highlights the event’s importance and great success.  
marathon2 marathon3
marathon4 marathon5


  • In the framework of the “Greece-Italy” Programme, an event entitled "The messages that unite us” was organised. The main idea was to exchange cooperation “messages in a bottle” between Greece and Italy, by throwing them from a sailing boat into the sea area between the two countries. In particular, the messages referred to the European Territorial Cooperation Programme, the EC Day and inclluded keywords that signal the relevant cooperation between Greece and Italy. The event took place simultaneously in Corfu and in Otranto in the Italian Region of Puglia.
bottles1 Poster gr  bottles2
Poster 2 bottles3


  • In the framework of the “Greece-Cyprus” Programme, a special event, entitled “Cooperation with colour and music”, was organised in Larnaca, Cyprus. It included the organization of a large Graffiti Event at Larnaca International Airport, involving professional artists and students, dressing up in specific colors the airport. The evening of the same day a concert with the participation of a popular pop group from Greece was organized at Larnaca’s beach (Finikoudes).
Graffiti Concert
Graffiti event, Larnaca International Airport  Concert of the popular pop group "Melisses"