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Establishment of Register of First Level Controllers

The Managing Authority of the European Territorial Cooperation Programmes establishes a “Register of First Level Controllers” for verifying the expenditure incurred by Greek Beneficiaries’ in all projects, in accordance with article 125 of the Regulation 1303/2013 and article 23 of the Regulation 1299/2013.

The verification of expenditure applies to all projects which will be co-funded by the Co-operation Programmes "Greece-Albania 2014-2020", "Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020", "Greece-Italy 2014-2020", "Greece-Cyprus 2014-2020", "Greece-The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2014-2020" and the Transnational Cooperation Programme "Balkan – Mediterranean 2014-2020" (Balkan-Med).

The next deadline for submission of applications for entry to the Register of FL Controllers is the 30/09/2017. The submission process is described in detail in the Ministerial Decree No. 301005/YD3953/22.9.2016. The relevant documents are the following:

Decision for the establishment of Register of first level controllers

Application for registration in the Register

Clarifications on paragraph 2.1 “Formal requirements – qualifications” of the Call

Experience table

The application must be accompanied by a Europass-type Curriculum Vitae. You can download the Europass-type curriculum vitae here >>

Please note that applications must be submitted to the following email address: mee.interreg@mou.gr