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Greece - Italy: Call for Strategic Project Proposals

The Call for Strategic Project Proposals of the European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece-Italy" 2007-2013 is published.

Potential beneficiaries are strongly advised to read carefully all files related to this Call, which are uploaded here below. Moreover, for convenience and in order to make sure accurate and timely information is provided to all potential applicants, any inquiries should be addressed in English, which is the official language of the Programme, preferably by 22nd of April 2013 and preferably in writing, using the email provided on the last page (page 14) of the relevant Call.

Submission period: 22.03.2013 - 17.05.2013

Description of Measures
The Call is open to all Axis


Final Beneficiaries
National, regional or local Public Authorities and Bodies governed by Public Law, as defined in the Project Manual 

Budget: € 17,500,000

Call for Proposals (SC)
Project Manual
Application Form
Partnership Declaration
Co-Financing Statement and Not Double Financing
Declaration of not Generating Revenues (SC)
Justification of Budget Costs
Budjet Justification Instructions (SC)
Maturity Sheet (SC)
Compatibility CHeck Sheet with SEA (SC)
Enviromental Indicators
ANNEX I Features of Strategic Projects
Project Manual - Annex I Project Selection Criteria
Project Manual - Annex II Partnership Agreement
Project Manual ANNEX III Subsidy Contract
Project Manual ANNEX IV Proggress Report Greece - Italy
Project Manual ANNEX V Guidance on Management Verifications
Gudance of management Verifications - ANNEX I Control Check list
Guidance of Management Verifications - ANNEX II Certificate of Verified Expenditures
Guidance of Management Verifications - ANNEX III Table of Expenditures
Guidance of Management Verifications - ANNEX IV Questionnaire Descriptions of National Fist Level Control Greece
Guidance of Management Verifications - ANNEX IV Questionnaire Description of National FLC System - Italy
Guidance of Management Verifications - ANNEX V Employees Timesheet for the project
Guidance of Management Verifications - ANNEX VI Employees Timesheet
Project Manual - ANNEX VI Ministerial Decision for Greek Partners only
Project Manual - ANNEX VII Specific Guidelines for Greek partners only
Accounting and Control Manual for Italian Partners
ANNEX I 1a Selection of External Controller
ANNEX I 1b Selection of Internal Controller
ANNEX I 2 Project Fact Sheet
ANNEX I 3a Declaration in lieu of affidavit - External Controller
ANNEX I 3b Declaration attesting to the Requirement of Independence
ANNEX I 4 Declaration of consent to the Processing of Sensitive data
ANNEX II Check List
ANNEX III 3 Contol Check List
ANNEX III 1 Table of Expenditure
ANNEX III 2 Certificate of Verified Expenditure
Terms of Reference Creativity
Terms of Reference Agrofood
Terms of Reference Transport
Terms of Reference Biodiversity
Terms of Reference Tourism